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Advanced-Papers Review: Solving Academic Challenges Promptly And Effectively

Advanced-Papers is an online company specializing in writing high-quality academic papers for their clients. It’s a reliable resource for students at all educational levels – from secondary to postgraduate. School pupils and college newcomers, grad students, and doctoral candidates can receive competent assistance in any assignments with which they were tasked. When you’re struggling with a simple college essay or math problem, when your Master’s or Ph.D. research became stale, the Advanced-Papers team of professional academic writers and editors is ready to come to your rescue.

Why Choose Advanced-Papers Over Other Essay Writing Services?

Advanced-Papers are a precious find for every student who needs assistance in their academic life if you’re searching for a reliable and trustworthy website where you can order college essays and research papers from competent writers, search no more! As an essay writing service with extensive experience and perfect reputation, Advanced-Papers stands out among competitors thanks to the following features:

  • Quality assurance. Your order is assigned to a person who specializes in that particular field or subject. Every paper delivered by Advanced-Papers is structured, coherent, substantial, and plagiarism-free.
  • Competent writers, including native speakers. Every member of the Advanced-Papers team of writers and editors passes extensive tests designed to determine how well they are suited for the job.
  • Free revisions. You have up to 30 days to go through your paper and identify areas that need corrections or amendments. The writer who worked on your assignment will perform the necessary rectification free of charge.
  • Reasonable prices. Targeting students of various educational levels, Advanced-Papers recognizes that most of its clients are on a budget. To this end, the company has formed an accessible pricing policy. 
  • Confidentiality. Rest assured that neither the papers you received nor your details can be acquired by third parties or ill-minded individuals. 
  • Positive customer feedback. Hundreds of students have received excellent grades and improved their academic writing skills with the help of Advanced-Papers. Many of them express their gratitude in heartfelt testimonials, which you can view on the company’s website.
  • Generous loyalty system for encouraging returning customers. Up to 10% of each order’s cost returns to you as bonus points, which you can use to pay for your next order.
  • Enthusiastic and responsive customer support. If you have any questions, the support team of Advanced-Papers will answer them promptly and in detail.

Things To Know About Advanced-Papers And Its Essay Writing Services

The Advanced-Papers team comprises over 2,000 skillful writers and editors who are proficient in their respective fields. Their high competence and commitment ensure the client has his assignments written to the highest standard and promptly. The range of assignment kinds Advanced-Papers is ready to assume is vast and includes virtually every type of academic paper. The company’s writers can do it either following the accepted academic standards or in compliance with the customer requirements and guidelines put forward by your teacher or professor.  

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Boasting of more than a decade of flourishing experience in the industry, Advanced-Papers has established its mission as facilitating every student on their path to the best grades and successful graduation. When an assignment presents an overwhelming challenge to you, when you’re experiencing technical issues or a lack of ideas, Advanced-Papers can salvage the situation by offering you the necessary guidance or writing the assignment in your stead.

The services offered by Advanced-Papers are subdivided into two major categories:

  • Writing papers and completing assignments from scratch. The client places their order, specifying the requirements regarding the paper’s contents and formatting. Usually, your task will be written abiding by the standard academic format: Times New Roman, font size 12, double line spacing. Submit the requirements specified by your teacher or professor, indicate what needs a particular emphasis or detailing in your work, and wait until the professionals of Advanced-Papers complete the assignment for you.
  • Revision and improvement of the papers and assignments written by the client. If you have completed the assignment on your own but have doubts about its quality or compliance with academic standards, you can order editing and proofreading services at Advanced-Papers. If you need your work to be formatted following specific requirements, the company’s professional editors will perform this task with the utmost care and attention to detail. Worth noting, proofreading and editing services come at a lower price compared to writing from scratch.

Advanced-Papers are confident in the skills and competence of its writing and editing team, which is why the platform doesn’t require the full payment until the paper is complete. The client is fully satisfied with what they are acquiring for their money. Receiving instructions and specifications from the client, the company aims to comply with these guidelines to the fullest extent. That’s why Advanced-Papers has implemented a flexible revision system, allowing unsatisfied customers to request any desired improvements and corrections. Depending on the type of assignment or paper, the revision period lasts up to 30 days. Even with dissertations, one month is usually enough for the client to review the paper more than once and identify any areas in need of amendment and rectification. Such an approach aligns with the company’s ultimate goal: every client will have their assignments completed to the highest degree of quality, with all academic requirements fulfilled.

The high quality of all papers delivered to clients is the top priority for Advanced-Papers. The company runs an entire department of specialists dedicated to the task of quality assurance. Before the finished paper or assignment is handed over to the customer, the QAD may review it to find out if the work meets all specifications and requirements provided in the technical task. The same department performs regular checks of the applications submitted by writers for a given order. Here, the QAD team’s task is to ensure the writers exhibit a professional approach and possess the skill and knowledge necessary for performing the client’s responsibility. The whole quality assurance process is aimed at eliminating the need for clients to compromise on quality in any way. 

The flexible pricing policy makes Advanced-Papers stand out favorably among competitors. Moreover, returning customers can take advantage of an array of discounts and bonuses. Such an approach emphasizes how much the company values and appreciates its clients.

One more advantage offered by Advanced-Papers is the availability of customer support and tech support specialists who are always ready to answer all your questions and guide you through solving a technical issue. The support team is online 24/7 and serves as an intermediary for all communication between the client and the writer. If the writer requires clarifications of the technical task or requests a deadline extension, the support specialists will convey this message to you. On the other hand, if you have any questions or clarification regarding the task that is being performed, you need to contact the support team, which will communicate the necessary information to the writer. 

The customer support is accessible through a live chat interface. Don’t be afraid to contact them even if your question seems minor! Every representative of the company is invariably friendly, polite, and helpful. The quality of customer support is one of the factors that contribute to the reputation of in the market. The website is frequently referred to as one of the best online college essay writing services that offer swift and practical solutions to any academic challenge a student may face between high school and Ph.D.

Essays By Well-Versed Native Speakers

Having been present in the market for over 12 years, Advanced-Papers has entered the international arena and offers professional college essay writing services to students in many countries of the world.  

Advanced-Papers also caters to the essay-writing needs of international students who study outside of their native country. Professional non-native writers who learned English as their second language are the best fit for writing academic papers for international students. Regardless of which writer assumes to complete your assignment, rest assured it will contain no errors regarding the structure, content, and formatting. All your instructions and wishes will strictly comply. 

Before joining the Advanced-Papers team, all writers complete a series of mandatory tests designed to confirm their competence in academic writing in particular subjects. In addition to necessary tests aimed at checking the applicant’s grammar and vocabulary, every writer creates several essays and fulfills assignments of different types. Lastly, every potential member takes a speed test to determine if they’re fit to work on urgent assignments. Only if the applicant successfully passes every test, they are allowed to become a member of the writing and editing team of Advanced-Papers. Such tried-and-tested writers are sure to deliver the finished work swiftly and in full compliance with your technical task.

Original And Authentic Papers For All Clients

In addition to language proficiency and fluency in the subjects, Advanced-Papers demands its writers to create academic texts that are original, authentic, and utterly devoid of plagiarism. Special provisions apply to direct quotes and data from reference sources. When plagiarism is detected, the creator of the non-original text is banned from working at Advanced-Papers. 

All writers working at the online company are insistently recommended to hold an account with such services as Grammarly and Turnitin, which allow for grammar, clarity, style, and plagiarism checks. The Advanced-Papers team of selected writers and editors is armed with efficient tools and provides the highest quality academic papers to all clients of the company. On top of that, the quality assurance and support departments ensure the texts are checked for plagiarism before delivered to the client.

Easy-To-Use Interface For Your Utmost Convenience

While the company targets a computer-literate audience, its website boasts of a very straightforward and clear layout. Its design is devoid of complicated elements that distract the user’s attention. The site has separate interfaces for writers, clients, tech support, and administration.

The interface intended for the client is as simple as they come. You are suggested to get familiar with the company’s Terms and Conditions and pricing system, after which you can place your order by filling in a form and pay for it using a payment system of your choice. At any given point, you have access to an interface for contacting the customer support team, should you have questions or experience technical difficulties.

Placing An Order At Advanced-Papers Is Simple

If you have all instructions and specifications for the required essay, paper, or assignment, placing the order shouldn’t take you more than 5-10 minutes. After familiarizing yourself with the company’s pricing system for different urgent and non-urgent tasks, follow these steps to place your order:

  • Fill in the order form with all the required details: 
    • indicate the type of paper or assignment and the required academic level, 
    • specify the structure of the paper;
    • submit instructions on how the paper should be written;
    • attach related files, if any.
  • Make a payment for the ordered paper;
  • Wait for a notification informing you that the system has received your payment and accepted your order.
  • Enjoy your free time while the company’s writers work on your task!

Once the system accepts your order, it selects the most competent and suitable writers who will fulfill it to the highest standards of quality.

Advanced-Papers Accepts A Broad Range Of Payment Methods

Catering to students from across the world, Advanced-Papers has made sure to incorporate multiple payment options into its system. Just like the order placement procedure, payments can be made online, with no need to visit a banking institution or other inconveniences. 

With each payment system, Advanced-Papers has its accounts, which allows the client to make a direct payment upon placing their order. The procedure is exceptionally uncomplicated and takes only a couple of seconds. Once the amount is transferred, all you need to do is enjoy your new-found free time, while the best writers of Advanced-Papers work on your assignment with all due diligence. All transactions are highly secure, and you can rest assured your money or personal and financial details will not be stolen by ill-minded individuals.

Completed Orders Are Revised For Free

When you submit an order at Advanced-Papers, you specify the deadlines within which the writer needs to deliver the finished work. Once you receive the files containing your new-written college essay or assignment, the system changes your order’s status to “Completed.”

Upon receiving your papers, it’s a great idea to look through them at least a couple of times. If you notice that part of the finished work requires corrections, amendments, or clarifications, you can submit a revision request. This service is free for 30 days after your order’s status was changed to “Completed.” Such a long revision period gives you ample time to go through your papers of any volume.

Refunds For Unsatisfactory Essays Are Guaranteed

Although Advanced-Papers takes strict measures to ensure the quality of all works delivered to clients, the company has envisaged a procedure for refunding customers for subpar essays and assignments. When a finished paper does not correspond to the academic level requested by the student or fails to comply with any other submitted requirements, the teacher or professor can reject it, which entails grave consequences for the student’s grades. 

On the other hand, if the check performed by the quality assurance department establishes that the writer was diligent in their work and followed all instructions down to a “T,” while the client is trying to introduce entirely different guidelines, then a refund will not be performed. The QAD team will notify the customer of their resolution, explaining why there are no grounds for a refund and explaining alternative ways to resolve the situation. Advanced-Papers kindly ask every client to take advantage of the free revision period that allows you to check if your paper was written in full compliance with your technical task and to request minor changes and corrections.

Special Offers And Discounts For Returning Clients

The company greatly appreciates the loyalty of every client who chooses Advanced-Papers over competitors. Striving to reward the returning customers, Advanced-Papers has put forward a loyalty system, in which a certain percentage of every paper’s cost will be added to the client’s account in the form of bonus points. 

The benefit of such a loyalty system is that ordering more papers from Advanced-Papers gives the client more bonus points, which they can spend to receive a discount of up to 100% of their subsequent order’s cost. While the high quality of academic papers is the number one reason behind the customers’ loyalty to Advanced-Papers, the availability of rewards in the form of discounts contributes to the high repeat purchase rate.

Responsive And Attentive Customer Support

Communication is essential for the success of contracts involving two or more parties. Advanced-Papers understands the need of its clients to be able to communicate any questions and issues and receive comprehensive answers and prompt solutions. The company’s live support team is there to assist both clients and writers, responding immediately to any requests. 

Whether you need a more detailed explanation of any clause from the Terms and Conditions, a quick answer to an interface question, or a prompt solution to a technical issue, contacting a tech support representative is a great idea. You can either describe your problem in detail in an email or use the live interface to get a swift answer to smaller questions. In the rare case that the user’s request is beyond the competence of the tech support team, you will be redirected to a representative of the corresponding department of the company.

Place Your Order Today

Advanced-Papers is a trustworthy online essay writing portal with an impeccable reputation and substantial market presence. Take advantage of its services to avoid the challenges and inconveniences associated with writing an academic paper or completing a difficult assignment. Advanced-Papers have been solving the problems students face for over a decade and received lots of positive feedback and testimonials from satisfied clients. 

The company does not merely do the job for you; it can offer guidance on how to improve your academic papers as well as editing and proofreading services to polish and perfect your works. Don’t hesitate to place an order! Enjoy the high quality of academic journals and assignments by Advanced-Papers and take pride in your excellent grades.

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