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Why I Decided to Review This Essay Writing Service

I want to show you what I went through when creating this review, so you would know how hard I have tried to form my perspective on this website. It took me a lot of time, energy, and money to write a detailed and useful article. The process consisted of numerous steps, including the following:

  • Picking the website for review;
  • Making an order;
  • Receiving and checking my order;
  • They are deciding the recommended website to others.

Every step involved a lot of work. At the very beginning, I decided what essay-writing platform I should review. I have conducted online research to make a decision. Giving the fact that the number of such platforms is regularly increasing, I search all the time to find out about new services in the industry. Of all the companies that showed up in the search results, I decided to expertise this one since it was nearly at the top of the Google search results. Students are more likely to use this website, so I wanted to test it.

As soon as I made my decision, I made an order. It was the only way to write the most authentic review of the ArIvory Research website. While some sites deliver all kinds of writing work, others claim specialized in providing only a particular type of writing project. For instance, they offer specifically high-school-level essays or dissertations for college and university. Additionally, some services claim to have expertise in defined areas of knowledge, e.g., engineering, medical, or economics. Ivory Research claimed to be able to assists users with all kinds of academic papers. Therefore, I prepared the instructions of the order related to a challenging subject of my choice.

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I noted every detail from the point of placement of order until the very end. Different criteria helped me form my perspective. Here are some of the factors I assessed to find out whether this service is excellent:

  • Whether I received my paper on time;
  • Whether the staff of the company was polite and professional;
  • Whether the company charged the amount, it stated at the outset;
  • The efficiency of communication with the company staff;
  • Whether the payment methods are secure and safe;
  • Whether the pre-order agreement policy is legitimate;
  • How original was the final work;
  • Whether user confidentiality is maintained.
  • Whether the platform maintains the guarantees given at the outset.

As soon as I received the order, I carefully reviewed it to see whether it complied with my instructions. I liked it but wanted minor changes, so I wrote revision instructions and sent them to the form on the website. To my surprise, my writer revised the paperwork within 30 minutes.

As you can see, it took me a lot of time to prepare this review. I must say, I found Ivory Research 100% satisfying concerning all these criteria.

What Makes Ivory Research One of the Topmost Essay Writing Service

As a student, I truly understand the importance of writing assignments within the deadline. However, sometimes finishing the paperwork on time is simply impossible without help. Fortunately, Ivory Research is always there to solve this problem within the shortest period. The experts who offer their support on this online platform are well aware that deadlines in academics are critical in every school, college, and university.

Usually, students need to finish their assignments very fast. That is why college essay writers at Ivory Research are ready to complete paperwork of any difficulty within 48 hours. Moreover, you can receive some types of assignments for only three hours! In my case, I got my paperwork the same day I placed my order at Ivory Research. It is very convenient!

As soon as you visit the website, the company can help you write an assignment for any subject, including Math, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, and many others. You will have a professionally referenced paper according to the style you need. Additionally, one can submit their preferred references for the college essay writers.

Overall, Ivory Research features:

  • Top-notch writers and researchers;
  • Affordable price;
  • Free plagiarism reports;
  • Fully referenced paperwork;
  • Round-the-clock customer support.

Additionally, service offers 100% free unlimited revisions within two weeks. They do their best to make sure you are satisfied with the final product. However, I did not even need it as they provided me with a great essay.

The company does a great job at training writers. Every person who works for Ivory Research always strives for professionalism. One of the defining features of this unique service is the quality assurance department who does its best to ensure perfection. Company agents make sure all the references come from reliable and up-to-date sources. Therefore, it is capable of handling complex tasks in a variety of fields and academic levels.

Those who are afraid to use essay writing services have nothing to worry about with Ivory Research. Your orders on the website are not visible to Google and other search engines. Therefore, nobody will ever find out that you used it to finish your paperwork. The no-resell policy ensures that every customer will get 100% unique texts that will pass any plagiarism check.

I know from my own experience that Ivory Research is a customized essay writing service. In other words, you can get a research paper, coursework, essay, and any other type of academic assignment written by an expert in the chosen subject. It will be written specifically for you following the provided specifications. Finally, yet importantly, you will be able to use the customized papers as model work, references, and for purposes of further research.

You can easily find the Ivory Research website on Google. The service will appear on the first page so you will be able to see its nicely designed landing page in a matter of seconds. It will guide you through the products available and how to pick the type of assignment you want to order.

The home page of the services features the full list of services available to offer, including book reports, case studies, lab reports, dissertation chapters, academic assignments, homework, personal statements, and thesis statements. Nevertheless, these are just a small portion of the services they are ready to offer. At Ivory Research, one can find help in basically any academic field.

I tested Ivory Research and its services before becoming their regular customer. They wrote several impeccable assignments for an affordable price. I was astonished since similar services never offered me such a high quality of service.

Here are some of the other great features available at Ivory Research:

  • You do not have to create a personal account;
  • Every client can contact their writers through text messages and live chat;
  • You will receive order status notifications on email;
  • Every client is free to ask for unlimited revisions within two weeks after receiving the paper;
  • Ivory Resrearch offers a money-back guarantee to unsatisfied users.

When I placed my very first order, the website automatically sent me an email with all the login details. Therefore, I did not need to waste a single minute creating a new account.

By the way, the services offered by the platform are entirely confidential since all the sensitive information is kept private and never shared with third parties. I could contact writers through my cabinet at Ivory Research. Nobody (except for the experts who worked with me) knew that I use this website.

Ivory Research claims to unite students to a large team of verified academic researchers and professional writers. In other words, every client of this company will work with acclaimed experts in any specific subject.

I thought the best scholarly works are always written by experienced professionals. That is why I checked how the company recruits new writers and researches. It turned out that Ivory Research only accepts 5% of the interviewees who are then subjected to rigorous tests in their fields of expertise using their invitation network. Moreover, successful candidates are further subjected to multiple tests in language and grammar skills. Once hired, all the researchers and writers go through additional training.

The experts always sent drafts so that you could confirm they are on the right track. It is significant for any academic paper service. You need to make sure you will get just what you described. Since there is an editorial team available 24/7 at Ivory Research, I can rest assured that they will help me to get the paper I want.

You can always swap writers whenever you feel the one assigned to you is not delivering what you need. Fortunately, the platform does not let situations degenerate to that level. The majority of customers receive high-quality paperwork from the initially assigned writers without any hassle.

Overhaul Work For Free Repeatedly

Making corrections to the finished projects is among the transparent guarantees customers get when they use Ivory Research. I found that such changes are not necessarily revisions requested by unsatisfied customers but also involve an easy replacement of instructions. The experts from the website understand that instructors and faculty may change certain aspects of term papers and other types of academic papers. Therefore, they do not mind making corrections of completed works. Thanks to this, you can make sure your every instruction will be accommodated for free. Considering that, it is safe to say that Ivory Research is a service provider that is as flexible as the diverse needs of one’s academic career.

The Website Is Appealing and Very Clear To Use

Ivory Research is hands down the best-looking essay writing sites I have ever used. The order form is detailed, yet it can be completed within several minutes. I do not like complex websites that add to the task of completing and submitting an order form. I believe that the simpler the site, the better. Thanks to Ivory Research, you do not have to waste your precious time.

As we all know, student’s life is already busy enough. That is why you need to be able to order work as quick and easy as it can be. The website offers precisely that. Even though there is no “How it Works” section at Ivory Research, it is very novice-friendly.

A great feature on the main page is the order calculator. Using it, clients can choose the subject area in what they are seeking help and the specific type of work. Then you need to select the level of paper you want starting from high school through college, undergraduate, master to Ph.D. level. Then you have the option to choose the deadline within which the paper should be completed. It ranges from three hours up to 20 days. Finally, you will be able to select the number of pages you need to get the final price of your order.

The platform has an intuitive interface, so I did not need to contact customer support for price negotiations. It is incredibly convenient and practical. You do not even need to register to calculate the price of your order. Nevertheless, I highly recommend you to do it since you will get better services once you sign in.

At Ivory Research, clients have all they need right on the main page. Moreover, your account will be created right away after you make your very first order. I find this amazingly convenient and time-saving.

Verifiable Professionals: All Writers are Endemic English Speakers

The team of Ivory Research includes over 1,500 writers. They are not only professionals but also native English speakers. I recommended this website to my classmates, who are non-native speakers when they needed help with their essay assignments. After they received their order, I reviewed their papers and was pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of the English language using the subject. However, the issue was covered comprehensively. It shows that the college essay writers knew the students are non-native speakers and made essays that reflected their level of proficiency.

At the same time, they did not compromise the quality of the papers. Instead, experts used simple words and constructed short but intense sentences that logically progressed towards the main argument. The grades they scored were evidence of the mastery of staff at Ivory Research. I was impressed that the company invests in writers whose proficiency in the English language is not only acquired through the classroom; they are native English speakers who have mastered the language.

Supreme Quality daily

You will see all the benefits of Ivory Research as soon as you place your order to check the quality of what they do for you. Privacy is enhanced, confidentiality is assured, and quality is guaranteed. All these at very affordable rates, not to mention the additional discounts and bonuses you can get.

Ivory Research will help you achieve new heights in the academic world by offering high-quality papers within deadlines. You do not have to do all the work on your own because of tight schedules and the lack of time. At this website, you will get experienced college essay writers capable of writing a paper of any difficulty. They genuinely care about your instructions, so its customers always get the exact paper they need.

How to Make an Order: Simple Instructions

Making a new order is plain and simple. To do that, you will only need to go through these seven simple steps:

  1. Complete the order form, where you need to choose the level and type of work you need;
  2. Use the payment calculator to find out the cost of your order and pay with PayPal or VISA;
  3. Receive login details through email, which are sent automatically;
  4. Get assigned the most suitable writer on the chosen subject;
  5. Sign in and contact your writer;
  6. Send them all the necessary instructions and files;
  7. On the agreed delivery date, enter your account to download the completed work.

Each of the above-listed steps is conducted intuitively, so you should not experience any problems.

The platform offers a flexible pricing model. The cost of every order is calculated according to the level of study, deadline, and the number of pages. Judging by user reviews on the internet, the customers of Ivory Research receive help even with the most unusual and difficult academic papers.


Get a 100% Exclusive Paper on Any Case

The platform guarantees that all the papers are free from plagiarism. The editorial team achieves this by checking every work with Copyscape, a plagiarism checking software. It examines the content of a completed paper to make sure it is not similar to other materials available on the internet. In other words, they have the same goals as you, which leads to high quality, useful, and unique papers.

People who look for an online essay writing platform are always at risk of purchasing low-quality papers that have already been sold to other students. Such papers will never pass the plagiarism check. Fortunately, the anti-plagiarism policy at Ivory Research guarantees that you will always get a custom paper. Moreover, it protects you from unnecessary problems with your teacher.

As a student, I valued the uniqueness of the work I submitted and expected the writer assigned to me to strictly work according to my instructions and not merely reproduce the work they have already done for other customers. With the experts I met at Ivory Research, avoiding plagiarism was not just a matter of paraphrasing earlier work and material available in textbooks and journals; it is a unique paper written according to my instructions. When following the progress of one of my orders, I was thrilled to see that it was undergoing quality checks by the in-house editors in addition to a plagiarism check.

Exceptional Customer Service Available Nonstop

The Ivory Research platform provides around the clock communication platform for every customer. Using it, they can contact the writers assigned to them, as well as customer service agents.

Customers are provided with different communication tools, including live chat, text messages, and email notifications. Moreover, once you sign in, you can reach out to customer support and stay in touch with both the customer support agent and writer through the message board. It is a significant advantage of the platform since students need the assurance that their assignments are being worked on and will be delivered within the deadline.

The platform always strives to solve customers’ issues as soon as it is possible. I think that the quality and value of communication a customer to any business gets is as good as the communication skills of the person on the other end. I am happy to say that all the support agents I dealt with were patient, attentive, and polite. Having been a student, I know the stress of the academic world often leads to frustration. Some people become rude because of that. Nevertheless, the customer service staff at Ivory Research understands that and calms down its clients while finding a way to solve their problems. 

Loyalty Program for Regular Customers

The platforms have a loyalty system for people who often make orders. Combined with discounts, this makes Ivory Research even more affordable. When you pay a full price for a rule, you will get bonuses on your account. You can use them to pay for subsequent orders in the future. For every paper you buy and pay for in full, you receive a bonus that is 5% of the amount you pay.

Even though you cannot access and redeem the bonus points in the form of cash, they are still very profitable if you often use Ivory Research. Thanks to it, I stopped worrying about running out of money because, thanks to the bonus points, I can always order an urgent assignment. The loyalty and bonus system is not a scam: my account was updated in real-time the moment I made payments, and I could see all the available points in my account.

It is Effortless and Secure to Pay

The platforms offer a wide choice of payment methods whereby they collaborate with PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard. Just like many other websites, this is a pay-for-use service that guarantees that the privacy and security of the customers will not be compromised. To that end, one cannot deny that this collaboration with reputable online payment brands was strategically aimed at protecting both the customer and company from the rampant fraud witnessed in the world.

The fact that I can use a trusted payment method makes me believe the website more. No policies or obligations are tying the users of Ivory Research to any one particular mode of payment.

Money-Back Assurance

People who operate the platform understand that most of its users do not have much spare money. I have seen other essay writing services that force clients to order endless revisions just because they will not refund the money paid for substandard papers. Moreover, after the revision limit is reached, students have to pay for further changes.

I had the exact opposite experience at Ivory Research. After the 14-day period of free revisions lapsed, the company sent me a 100% refund of the payment I had made. I liked that paper but decided to test the company’s refund policy.

The academic world is filled with many dynamics whereby unexpected changes occur with regards to instructions. I do not think that students have to be punished further by essay writing companies who refuse to refund payments relating to such changes. The platform truly understands the financial position of students and makes every effort not to make it even more difficult. You do not have to pay any fees for canceling orders on short notice. Just explain your situation and receive your money back. At Ivory Research, you will not have any problems with refunds.

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